How do our Online Restocks work?

So, you might be wondering about our online restocks. We can tell you it's always a highly anticipated event here at McKinnon Collective!

We like to keep things exciting by announcing our restock through our website, social media, and exclusive newsletter a whole month in advance. Our restocks usually highlight one of our specialty, limited items like our coveted Kate Fanny pack, April Tote, or Kim XL & Mini Backpack, as well as stocking up on all your favorite classic designs. This is your chance to snag a one-of-a-kind piece from us! We only restock many of our specialty items a few times a year so you don't want to miss out!

To learn more about our Restocks and Early Access Crew, check out the information down below:

Restock Tips & Tricks

The easiest & fastest way to checkout is ApplePay, GooglePay, and ShopPay. It will expedite the process and you don’t have to scramble to add your CC info. Make sure to have this information set up and ready so you can start shopping right away.

We love seeing your enthusiasm for our products! If you place multiple orders within a 1-2 day period, we'll combine them into one package and give you one tracking number (unless otherwise stated).

Plus, if your combined orders meet our free shipping minimum of spending $250+, you'll get free shipping! If not, no worries, we'll give you a partial refund for any extra shipping fees.

Unfortunately, once an item is sold, we may or may not restock it. Some of our hides are limited edition or we only have limited quantities available. We take pride in creating unique designs that make our leather products stand out. While someone might have the same leather as you, the design and interior lining will always be different, making each piece one of a kind.

We typically will announce our restock date on our site a month before and focus on a different theme (Ex: Kate Fanny Packs & Kim Mini Backpacks). The best way to stay connected & get the latest shop updates is by joining our newsletter crew or following us on social media.

Someone else may be eyeing the same piece as you. We know there is a lot of excitement and anxiety as you're trying to purchase your item. We kindly ask for your patience during the checkout process, as it may take a little extra time to ensure each customer's order is processed correctly.

Also, McKinnon Collective is run just by us (Adam & Danella McKinnon). Adam is the only sewer, designer, and maker of all the beautiful leather pieces you see here. While, I (Danella) manage the administrative, marketing, packing all of your orders, and customer service side! We truly appreciate your support and thank you in advance for being so understanding.

Why should i join the early access crew?

Our Early Access Crew stays connected with us by subscribing to our newsletter. You'll receive special sneak peeks for upcoming online restocks, know about in-person shopping events (we travel all over the Bay Area & Sebastopol for Craft Fairs), get the latest shop updates, and Early Access Shopping for all our restocks (our most popular perk with our subscribers!)

As a member of our Early Access Crew, you'll have the opportunity to shop our site before it's open to the public. A day or two before the restock, you'll recieve a special passcode with a designated shopping time. Our website will be password protected and reserved only for our Early Access Crew.

This is your opporuntiy to get first dibs on items you've been eyeing or waiting on. Typically, we have folks waiting in our queue 5-10 minutes before the shop opens. So, make sure you have those alarms set and ready!

Please note: this special perk is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.

All passcodes will be sent to our Early Access Crew through our newsletter. Your passcode will be activated and ready at the designated Early Access Shopping time given to you via newsletter. The easiest way for folks have entered the passcode is by having the newsletter nearby to copy + paste the password when it's time to shop!

We promise we only send you important information and tips about upcoming restocks, any shop updates, our craft fair schedule, and more. You'll receive about 2-5 newsletters per month from us.

PS the only spam we accept here is Spam Musubi or a Spamsilog around here:)

Whoo hooo! Thanks for subscribing and joining because we love our Early Access Crew. Now that you're part of our exclusive list, you will be receiving a welcome email from us. Then, depending on when you joined, you will receive info about our next upcoming restock or preparing you for one. Remember to check your inbox so you don't miss any important details or info from us.